Frequently asked questions

What is WhileWairport and why?

Do not waste your time, make the most of it ...
WhileWairport is a tool that helps you manage and administer the waiting time between flight and flight, in order to find and sharing ideas with like-minded people, so at once, they can easily find you.

Contact colleagues, make friends, find partners...
With WhileWairport you can make of long waits at airport to create a network that allows you to share interests, exchange knowledge, find colleagues or do business.

Follow these three simple steps:
  1. Sign up in WhileWairport and register your flight.
  2. Check who will be there at the same time, which ones share your interest or business areas or who are going to be there in the next days, months, ...
  3. Plan your daily schedule and get in touch with people that appeal to your interests.

How do I find useful airports and airlines information?Back to top

You can search WhileWairport airports and airlines directory.

In their information pages you will find corporate and interesting information, such as services offered or the local time.

Also, you will find opinions and comments from other WhileWairport users, allowing you to get an idea how airlines or airports work.

How can I find people who are or will be at the same airport like me?Back to top

To find people, first, you have to indicate where you are:

  • If you have just arrived at the airport, you can communicate to other WhileWairport users doing check in.
  • Sign up your flight in advance going to your WhileWairport profile.

Once you have published where you are, you will see in your profile or in the airport's page people who are there, or will be soon.

How to do check in?Back to top

Check in means saying which aiport you are at that time.
In this way, people, who are or will be there, will be able to know you are there and contacting you if your share the same interests.

You can do this in two ways:

  • Sign up your flight. You could specify whether you want to do check in automatically when you arrive at the airport, either immediately allowing users to contact you before you get there.
  • If you haven't signed up your flight in advance, when you arrive at an airport you can do check in from your information site in the airports directory.

When you do check in, you can publish it in your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare) so you can meet and reach even more people.

Also, when you do check in you can indicate your interests, and if you want to share a cab with somebody heading to the same place you are going to.

How to register my flight?Back to top

Whilewairport makes it easy to sign up your flight information by means of two simple ways:

  1. Forward your booking confirmation email to our address
  2. Sign up your flight manually, by clicking on your flights panel.

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